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Agile and Lean Transformation

Through a diagnostic assessment, SSQC can identify or confirm decisions about processes and risk-related issues that are candidates for re-engineering (or engineering) rather than incremental or continuous improvement.  Once a decision is made to re-engineer, SSQC can facilitate and provide the education and training required to develop and gain agreement on "as is" and "to be" models of the processes.  Our   "Harnessing Technology",  "Value Stream Mapping", and "Agile Methods" courses provide your organization with the knowledge and tools you need to be successful in your transformation.

With the models in place, SSQC can support and facilitate the transformation:

SSQC is uniquely positioned to ensure that re-engineering activities are coordinated with or position you for the adoption of Agile or Lean methods, CMMI, ISO 9001: 2008, or other lightweight or model-based implementations.  SSQC has a proven track record of working with numerous clients in their Agile and Lean transformations.