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SSQC's Top-Level Registration Model

SSQC's latest book: “ISO 9001:2000 for Software and Systems Providers: An Engineering Approach” is available to order from Amazon.com.

Written by engineers for engineers, the authors incorporate more than a decade of experience implementing ISO 9001 in engineering organizations of all types. They present a well-defined roadmap that any engineering organization can follow to secure the maximum benefits from the standard. Their roadmap has proven effective in small and large organizations, from Silicon-Valley-based startups to established defense contractors.

This volume dissects and analyzes each paragraph of ISO 9001 from an engineering perspective, clarifying the relationship to engineering practices and the potential benefits to the organization. This volume also stresses the relationships among the paragraphs, which can have a critical impact on the efficiency of the ISO implementation.

Executives, engineering managers, project managers, engineers, and process improvement experts within engineering organizations need a resource that systematically translates the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 into a usable specification for engineers. Understanding ISO 9001:2000 from an engineer's perspective ensures that software, hardware, and systems engineering organizations will continue to develop, maintain and evolve their engineering practices long after the consultants are gone. ISO 9001:2000 for Software and Systems Providers: An Engineering Approach provides proven strategies for using ISO 9001 to implement and revitalize systematic process improvements within software, hardware, and systems engineering organizations.

A review commissioned by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) concludes that their book, "will be of immense value to anyone interested in the quality aspects of the manufacturing/service/software/hardware sector.  It will be very useful for software engineering or information technology (IT) courses.  The publishers deserve accolades for bringing out a book that is written in an elegant style, and devoid of any syntactic or semantic errors."

Another review in ASQ's Software Quality Professional journal concluded that this book, "is an excellent resource for both implementers and auditors.  A commentary like this book is essential to properly understand the intent of the ISO standard and to implement it as part of continuous improvement for software and systems engineers.  It would be very valuable for an organization that is just beginning to look at the standard.  It is also valuable for auditors who have worked with other types of organizations but not engineers.  It can be used both as a text for understanding the standard and as a handbook for reference during an audit."

"ISO 9001:2000 for Software and Systems Providers should be in the library of everyone using ISO 9001:2000 for engineering projects."

SSQC's ISO 9001:2008 services range from providing initial estimates of the effort to obtain certification to assisting your staff in obtaining and retaining certification from an accredited registrar. SSQC provides the expertise you require to develop a registration plan that is as effective and thorough as a product development plan.  SSQC's common-sense and hands-on approach combines more than 3 decades of experience in the delivery of software and hardware in integrated systems with in-house experience in obtaining and maintaining one of the first ISO 9001 and TickIT registrations in the US.  SSQC's auditors have performed over 200 assessments in a variety of industry sectors to include software, hardware, manufacturing, and services industries.

With many years of experience in obtaining and maintaining registration, SSQC can prepare your organization to apply the standards and avoid the pitfalls and unanswered questions that can delay a program. SSQC delivers this assistance through unique services, tools, and educational programs it has developed to support its customers throughout the world:

SSQC' Detailed ISO 9000 Implementation ModelSSQC's Detailed Registration Model

The Diagnostic Audit - More than Just a Gap Analysis

SSQC's registration services begin with a diagnostic audit of your current systems and practices. The information the audit provides is a baseline for prioritizing and planning process development and other registration-related activities.

The audit report identifies the key areas requiring attention to ensure that your business systems and practices leverage best practice and comply with the ISO 9001 model - and sector-specific guidance such as ISO 90003 (for software).  In addition to serving as a needs analysis, the value added audit demonstrates management's priorities for product and work environment quality and gathers objective feedback from all levels of the organization.

The audit report includes recommendations for correcting identified problems and for improving and enhancing processes that are already effective.

ISO 90003 and TickIT Services

SSQC's services can be tailored to the unique requirements of the software engineering environment, addressing the sector-specific impact of schemes such as TickIT.

During the Registration Process

SSQC can accelerate the progress of your team by assisting in:

  • Training
    • ISO 9001: 2008 Executive Overview - Ensure the support you need for success
    • ISO 9001: 2008 Implementation training for ISO coordinators and implementation team
    • ISO 9001: 2008 Internal Auditor - Learn techniques that ensure audits are "Value-Added"
    • Sector specific curricula for Software, Hardware, Services, and Manufacturing
  • Registrar selection
    • Define criteria
    • Review credentials
    • Recommend strategies for establishing an ongoing relationship
    • Facilitate interviews with representatives from potential registrars
    • Support your organization during the registration process
  • The development of standards, policies, procedures, and quality manuals
    • Facilitate team discussion
    • Provide standard templates and examples
    • Draft and manage the review and approval of procedures
  • Internal process audits
    • Train internal auditors on advanced techniques such as value-added auditing
    • Function as advisors or lead auditors....or....
    • Perform your company's internal audits - When in-house resources are unavailable
    • Review audit findings, corrective action requests, and corrective action plans