SCAMPI Haiku 25

June 14th 2011

Three for a dollah

Coke bottle shortage today

Have a pop for me

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Tommy’s at it again, breakin’ the rules…but we love it!

March 31st 2011

Well, it’s another appraisal and Tommy’s at it again. How can this lad keep up the pace with the Haiku Gods. He just keeps cranking out the Haiku like a CPA in April. 5-7-5 rules do not apply as the pace of the words fly!

Do CPAs do Haiku?

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New translation app Word Lens will blow your mind

December 17th 2010

This might come in handy as I continue to develop my conversational Spanish skills…which are pretty much nonexistent….

New translation app Word Lens will blow your mind

Is this cool or what?

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Windows Live Writer seems pretty cool…….

October 20th 2010

Makes it VERY easy to dump pics and vids into the blog post…..and the preview function is pretty cool.

Twitter should be banned from conferences……Love this guy.


In honor of JJTV and the whole Jaffe Juice phenomenon!  Rock on, this dude is a hero to many.  This post says it all….a very very sensible man.

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My thoughts are with the folks in San Bruno affected by the natural gas explosion.

September 9th 2010

Let’s hope this fire isn’t as bad as it looks. I don’t think we’ll have a bead on the loss of human life until the sun rises tomorrow. 38 homes were incinerated in this gas inferno.

PG&E will have some explaining to do, as it looks like a high pressure gas main was involved in the destruction.

San Bruno Ablaze

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CEO Resignation Haiku from Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz

February 4th 2010

Ah, it’s nice to see executives embracing the form……tweeting, no less.

Today’s my last day at Sun. I’ll miss it. Seems only fitting to end on a #haiku. Financial crisis/Stalled too many customers/CEO no more

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The Science of Social Media Marketing

December 11th 2009

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Certification Exams…no fun at any age.

November 23rd 2009

Triple Dog Dare

Do you remember the fun of taking exams during your academic years…Grade school, Junior high, High school, College?

In October, I completed the SCAMPI Lead Appraiser for Development certification exam to maintain one of my professional credentials.

Why am I posting this blog? It’s rather simple. I don’t enjoy the hassle of preparing for professional certification exams. In some respects, it’s an OK activity, in that you revisit material that is relevant to what you do. It can be enlightening also, as you discover little tidbits of information that somehow escaped your review in the past.

But I’ve gotta confess, in my case, it’s a frantic exercise of over-preparing out of professional pride. For some reason, I still get spun up when it comes to getting ready for a test. Dunno why that still happens at the age of 50, but it still does. It brings out the kid in me, school kid that is.

So another test in the bucket, and another certificate on the wall.

Ain’t that a kick in the pants?

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One more time, on to SEPG 09, in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California!

March 6th 2009


Get on board, there’s still time!

Only 18 days until the conference…SEPG 2009 that is.

The SEI’s blurb on the conference:

“Known as the most influential CMMI conference anywhere, SEPG North America 2009 has evolved to become the premier learning and networking event that brings together industry leading organizations who are putting CMMI, People CMM, TSP, PSP, Agile, Six Sigma, ITIL and ISO standards, and other performance improvement methods together to perform at a higher level. Join the global SEPG community in San Jose March 23 to 26 and learn how CMMI-based performance improvement through process and workforce capability can be one of your best weapons in a troubling economy.”

Bob and I will be doing another tutorial this year. We’re delighted that this is our 14th year in a row as invited speakers. Our 1/2 day tutorial is Value Added Auditing: A Pragmatic Approach for Implementing Product and Process Quality Assurance.

We’re on at 8:30-12:00, Monday March 23. Hope to see you there. The tutorial will be fairly interactive, as we integrate a fun team exercise/scenario where everyone in the audience has a chance to act as a consultant designing a PPQA process for an agile environment.

You can find out more about the conference at:

Would love to see some fellow Silicon Valley folks, as the conference is in our own backyard this year. That’s right, SEPG 2009 is in beautiful San Jose, our home, and the heart of the south San Francisco Bay Area!

Head west and network with sharp people who know their stuff. If like past conferences, there will be a number of process improvement people from a variety of firms willing to share their experiences - shopping stories about their successes and where they’re planning for improvements in the future.

BTW, for those of you hedging your bets, the weather’s lookin good….. :} We may be in for some 70 degree days with clear skies……

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Tommy’s on it….Interview Haiku

November 3rd 2008

The man opens mouth

Spills forth bogus evidence


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It’s SCAMPI Haiku no matter how you slice and dice it

April 25th 2008

As I settle into a readiness activity, I am thinking about some wise words that one of my Haiku teammates put forth. A sort of anointment to the new approach of “devil may care” Haiku. That’s right, as Tommy B. refuses to conform to the 5-7-5 protocol. When you consider his words of wisdom, you cast your fate to the Haiku authorities, as they weigh the audacious nature of what he offers:

Readiness Review Haiku

PIID-ling Away with eyes open

Objective Evidence in the hay

The needle just pricked me

That’s right….he’s BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

Go get em, Tom.

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Another SEPG is in the bag…on to San Jose in ‘09

March 22nd 2008

That’s right, SEPG 08 is all done and over! My first time in Tampa and I must say that it is a great little city. If you ever get the chance to visit there, make sure you go to Ybor City. This part of town hosts some great restaurants. This historical section of the city has many wonders to explore. Make sure you visit the cigar factories where you can watch the craftsmen and ladies roll world class cigars from cuban seeded tobacco. No, I’m not a cigar smoker, but these skilled individuals are the last of a great tradition of making cigars by hand, not machine.

The conference ended up with about 1400 attendees. The program had a variety of talks, but I believe the bias this year was toward discussing measurement and high maturity practices. Bob and I did a couple of tutorials that were pretty well attended. On Monday I did a PPQA tutorial that had about 200 attendees. I find it interesting that over the years, people are still interested in a value added approach for implementing QA. It’s a fundamental concept that is not too difficult to understand, but I suspect that folks find it difficult to implement, therefore their interest in the tutorial.

Monday night was an opportunity to meet with the SEI Partner Advisory Board members. We just elected some new members and held our meeting to discuss our role and activities as representatives for the Partner community.

On Tuesday I was on a panel that was moderated by Ron Radice. My fellow panel members included John Maher, and Madhumita Sen. The panel was interesting and focused on the direction that the SEI is taking on a variety of topics to include high maturity, appraisals, and the model. I was happy to see some SEI folks in the audience along with a number of lead appraisers. A strange thing happened during the panel session. The convention center’s automated alarm system notified us in a rather loud fashion that we needed to vacate the building immediately. Man, did the attendees “git up and out” quickly. Within a few minutes of our hasty egress, the automated lady got back on the horn to let us know that it was a false alarm. Strange thoughts were making their way through my head as I thought…nah….there are no terrorists in Tampa. Why would they want to hold a bunch of process geeks hostage?

Tuesday night I had planned on going to the ISD bash. Every year these guys throw a party and invite folks to enjoy the good fun. Joe Morin knows how to put on a good party. Unfortunately I was feeling a bit punky from a cold that I brought from San Jose that finally got the best of me. Wednesday I spent most of the day in my Residence Inn room watching CNN and feeling spent. Eventually I rallied and felt well enough Wednesday night to have a great dinner with Bob at the Acropolis in Ybor City. Boy do they have great Moussaka! Their Spanakopita is delicious too! Seriously, you need to hit this Greek establishment if you are in town. Prices are right, the food is fab, and the elderly gent playing Balalaika is charming. One of their traditions is for the waiters to toss paper napkins in the air while dancing to traditional Greek music. Nice touch.

Bob got the nod to speak on Thursday afternoon, which is the kiss of death at this conference. Many attendees decide to bail out on Thursday, so there aren’t a lot of people left at the conference to fill the room. About 150 showed up however, and Bob said he had a fun time.

I was surprised to find out that San Jose is the location for the 09 conference. San Jose last hosted in 97 and it was a monster smash hit. Hopefully we’ll have the same success in 2009.

Ah well, it’s good to be back in the bay. Actually I was in the bay, Tampa Bay that is. But truth be told, there is nowhere like this bay, the south bay, of San Francisco! I love my home……………..

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Do Process Improvement Models Matter?

February 2nd 2008

Do Models Matter?

As the days creep closer to this year’s SEPG conference, I’m thinking about how much I enjoyed participating in the European SEPG plenary panel, “Staged Versus Continuous Models, Is There a Winner”. As a panel participant, my hope was that the panel would inspire the audience to ask questions that they may not have thought about in the past. Questions regarding the role that software process improvement models play in delivering software more expeditiously, less expensively, and with greater reliability.

Questions such as:

  • Is a staged model’s organizational approch incremental enough to support today’s fast-paced organizations faced with ever increasing competitive pressures?
  • Does a continuous model’s process capability approach offer enough of a roadmap to support organizational improvement?
  • The answers to these two questions depend on many factors, with a primary factor being prevailing culture. For example, does the organization prefer flexibility or more of a spoon feeding approach when it comes to guidance that is offered in a model? Based on the answers, the choice of either process capablity or organizational maturity representations that the CMMI offers becomes more clear.

    “My model’s better than yours” certainly leads to great discussions.

    Should one pursue ITIL, ISO 9001, Trillium, TQM, Deming, Crosby, Juran, CMM, CMMI staged, CMMI continuous or a combination thereof? What’s a Software Process Improvement guru to do with all these choices?

    Another question one might ask is:

    Do models really matter as much as wanting to change?

    An organization can find goodness in all models if it exploits them in a way that supports the business and cultural needs. If an organization doesn’t feel a compelling need for change, it will tend to find fault in all models - enough fault that it will dismiss them out of hand as being useless.

    If your organization really wants to improve, I challenge you to embrace what’s attractive in a model and dismiss that which is of questionable value.

    So, models do matter, but not nearly as much as wanting to change?

    What do you think?

    See you at the next SEPG conference!

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    Hope to see you at SEPG 2008

    January 24th 2008

    It’s that time of year again when all of the process improvement folks dust off their suitcases and head to their respective Valhallas. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollahs. Yes, Tom Lehrer fans, it’s SEPG 2008, and it’s in warm and sunny Tampa F L A. It runs from Monday through Thursday March 17-20.

    Will you be there? Bob Bamford and I will be for sure and are hoping to see you. We’re looking forward to sunshine and visiting with old friends. It’s a great time to swap ideas about the latest tools and techniques for implementing processes improvements that work.

    We’ll be busy at the this year’s conference. We’re looking forward to presenting a couple of tutorials this year on the opening and closing days. I’m also participating on a panel with my friend Ron Radice. All in all, it should be fun. The panel’s theme is entitled Has the SEI Gone Too Far? Or Not Far Enough?

    Our tutorials include Value-Added Auditing - A pragmatic approach for implementing Product And Process Quality Assurance (PPQA) and Software Estimation Bootcamp. Both of these are fun sessions and involve a lot of interaction with the attendees, so we’re looking forward to presenting at the conference.

    Also, I’ll be working with the SEI Partner Network Advisory Board members to futher agenda items that we’ve been working this past year.

    Check it out..

    SEPG 2008

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    Have you tried to view the conference program at the SEPG 2008 website….sheesh

    January 24th 2008

    Man, what I wouldn’t do for a simple PDF catalogue that outlines the program for SEPG 2008. Apparently the SEI has automated things a little bit too much. You have to login to a website and jump through all kinds of hoops to get the program.

    Once you spend 20 to 30 minutes figuring out how things work, not to mention being required to have an ID just to get the program info, you should be sufficiently consternated to blow off the affair.


    i dare ya to figure it out.

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    Updated the blog environment to keep the riff raff out…did i spell that right?

    January 17th 2008

    Wow…I had pretty much locked up this site with no commenting and no newly registered users, as the ancient version of WordPress I was using was getting hacked with Viagra comments in a major way. Funny how things happen.

    Anyway, you can register again and comment on any posts, including the older posts.

    We’re back in business. Sorry for the delay.

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    SCAMPI Haiku 22

    December 20th 2007

    Potluck lunch kicked ass

    We crashed the party big time

    PIIDs can wait for now

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    SCAMPI Haiku 21

    October 10th 2007

    PIID Monotony

    cutting and pasting REAL BAD

    I need a Macro

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    SCAMPI Haiku 20

    June 12th 2007

    the boat is sinking

    NOT YET for the life jackets


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    SCAMPI Haiku 19

    June 12th 2007

    back end interviews

    shore up the dam quickly bro

    affirmations rule!

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